Since our beginning in 1998, Fishlike has been a strong advocate to Total Immersion (TI) swimming concepts and techniques. Total Immersion techniques allow swimmers to swim faster, further and easier, while using lesser energy.

Using TI concept, Fishlike have successfully taught swimming techniques to non-swimmers and experienced swimmers alike. Even competitive athletes, such as triathletes and open water swimmers have improved their swimming capacity through these techniques.

Firstly, we coach our athletes in the important foundational skills and techniques of balance and streamlining of the body. These skills are eventually engraved into the muscle memory and habits of our athletes before we begin coaching them in their aerobic fitness, distance endurance, and speed. The end result is a smooth and efficient swimmer, able to swim his record best never done before without TI coaching.

Although this may sound abstract or even absurd to most athletes now, try relating this concept to the age old techniques in Tai-Chi. Simply, TI is conceptually like the art of Tai-Chi that is more advance in the art of swimming.

Through the self improved and unique training techniques from our qualified and experience coaches, Fishlike is able to touch and shape the hearts and swim strokes of multiple athletes. Moreover, we believe that it is not just about swimming right, but to also enjoy the sport in an interactive and enriching manner with a new group of like-minded friends.

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